At West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation, our Counselors and Staff are here to support you and your family achieve the dream of home ownership!  No matter where you are in the home buying process, we can help you by connecting you with our team of HomeOwnership experts.

We provide, One on One Counseling, Financial Capability, Home Ownership Education Classes both in-person and online.  The topics include, Affordability and Budgeting, Understanding Credit, Becoming a Landlord, Financing, Closing Process and Post Purchase.

Classes are offered in both English and Spanish.  Some of the services we offer, are available in Cabo Verde, Criollo, Frances and Portuguese.

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Homebuyer Education

First-Time Homebuyer Course ($99.00 registration fee):

This course is designed to educate and prepare individuals for the home buying process.

Topics covered in this course include but are not limited to: understanding credit, working with lenders, working with a realtor, obtaining a home inspection and the role of a closing attorney.

The class will also cover the benefits and challenges of homeownership such as, affordability, down payment and closing costs.

If you would rather take our homebuyer education class online, check out eHome America.

Our in-person course is available as a 4 class series with 2 hour classes, or a 2 class series with 4 hour classes. 

Landlord Course ($99.00 registration fee):

Topics covered in this course include, but are not limited to: HUD rental and rent subsidy programs, other federal, state, or local rental assistance; fair housing, housing search assistance, landlord and tenant laws, lease terms, rent delinquency, budgeting for rent payments, and providing assistance with locating alternate housing.  One Class meeting – Saturdays 10am to 1pm (class offered in English and Spanish)

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eHome America

eHome America

Want to take our homebuyer education class, but have a hectic schedule? Take our course online, at your own pace with eHome America, the Nation’s Premier Online Homebuyer Education Platform.

Certified Education and Counseling for Homebuyers and Homeowners. Homebuying and Financial Education Made Easy. Contact our Home Ownership Center for our eHome discount code!