What is a HEZ?

A Health Equity Zone (HEZ) is an innovative, place-based approach that brings people together to build healthy, resilient communities across Rhode Island. The initiative is grounded in research that shows up to 80% of health outcomes are determined by factors outside clinical settings, such as access to affordable, healthy foods; high-quality education; employment opportunities; and safe neighborhoods.

Where is the HEZ?

The 02907 HEZ is one of three new Health Equity Zones statewide and encompasses Providence’s West End, Elmwood, South Elmwood, and Reservoir neighborhoods. The zone also includes the western portion of the Upper South Providence neighborhood.

Our HEZ Pillars

Food Access




Our HEZ Community Action Team Partners

How can I be involved?

If you’re interested in being a part of the HEZ, please contact us using the form below.